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Behavioral Medicine

Dogs and cats have been known to exhibit a wide variety of behavioral problems that can be stressful and worrisome to their owners. It is helpful to schedule a behavioral consultation with one of our veterinary doctors, who are experienced in behavioral medicine. Often, a combined approach – incorporating veterinary medical and behavioral medical knowledge, as well as applied animal behavior training – can successfully treat these conditions. 

Here are some common problems our clients present to us:

For cats:

aggressive behavior (toward people or other animals), biting, marking, household destruction, scratching, spraying, excessive licking, litter box problems

For dogs:

chewing, barking, digging, elimination problems (from lack of proper housebreaking, anxiety, submission, noise phobias, territory marking, attention seeking), chasing, begging, jumping up on people, furniture, or objects; aggression (toward people or other animals), biting and self-injurious activity.

Older dogs:

separation anxiety, increased vocalizing, elimination problems, cognitive deficits, noise phobias, restless and disrupted sleep patterns, and physical discomfort resulting from arthritis, among others.

How we can help:

During your appointment, your doctor will discuss your pet’s medical and behavioral history and – once a diagnosis has been reached – develop and execute a treatment plan. Recommendations will then be given to help you follow the plan at home. Your pet may or may not benefit from medication, but will certainly respond to behavioral modification.  Throughout the process, we will be here to offer support and advice.