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Why GROOMING is important for the health of your pets

Grooming is not simply a cosmetic luxury for your pets, rather it aids in maintaining good hygiene and keeping your animal comfortable for the warmer weather here on the Treasure Coast and South Florida. Proper grooming is a way to ensure that your pet is healthy, inside and out. Through our grooming division, Snips & Snoozes, we offer a full range of services including bathing, hair brushing and removal, nail trimming and ear cleaning.

In addition to professional grooming services, some breeds require attention at home on a daily or weekly basis. One of the simplest ways to care for your pet is to brush them, which removes dead hair and skin. For cats, which groom themselves daily, it is just as important to brush them weekly, as this will prevent hairballs and aid in their overall health.     

As with any treatment, each animal will require individual attention and our specialists can provide you with tips to maintain grooming habits for your pets.If you have questions, please call and ask for Ani, Patti or Veronica. They will be pleased to receive your call.