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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical therapy in veterinary medicine has added a whole new dimension to treating and helping animals, and the medical and tech team at Palm City Animal Medical Center believes that seeing the impact of PT on healing animals is one of the most exciting aspects of practicing veterinary medicine. Whether your pet is suffering from arthritis, back problems, fatigue, or pain…or healing from joint or bone surgery or a myriad of other physical conditions… physical therapy can help alleviate your animal’s pain and facilitate the journey toward wellness and the capacity to live the fullest life possible.

Dr. Darryl Millis, a veterinary professor of orthopedic surgery, and Dr. David Levine, a professor in physical therapy, pioneered the field of veterinary physical therapy at the University of Tennessee (UT) in the 1990’s.Dr. Rex Sentell was impressed with the research and studies conducted and decided to undertake the certification course taught at the UT by Dr. Millis and Dr. Levine. That training enabled him to learn the research-based science that has shaped the sub-specialty of physical therapy in animals. He also learned the methods and techniques proven most effective in the treatment of animals.

Since that time, Dr. Sentell has trained his colleagues and a select group of vet technicians who assist the doctors in helping pets reach the goals that are realistic and safe And we have trained technicians to assist us in helping your pet reach the goals that are realistic for their particular physical condition.

Palm City Animal Medical Center has been at the forefront of animal physical therapy on the Treasure Coast, and continuously incorporates innovative techniques that have proven to be beneficial. As a result, we offer an impressive range of physical therapy treatment plans and regimens for your pet.  By carefully assessing your pet’s condition and determining which combination of the many treatment techniques we have at our disposal will be most beneficial, we have been able to design treatment plans that have helped hundreds of animals. We use hydrotherapy, laser therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, cryotherapy, massage therapy, neuromuscular electrical stimulation and/or exercise, and other treatments that help relieve your pet’s pain, improve their range of motion, and expand their overall physical potential and level of comfort.

Innovative Treatments For Your Pet