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We don’t take your heartwarming comments for granted. Thank you for letting us know that you’re pleased with our service and with the care we give to your pets!

 “Thank you for taking care of my pets so well! I really appreciate everything you do.” - LK

"Best doctors around!!” - J.O.

“McGee and his "parents" want to thank you. He has his yearly checkup tomorrow with Dr. Wolff, but also needed a grooming by Patti Not a problem - they will do both on the same day!” - DM

"Dr. Wiegand is awesome!!!" J.F.

 “Hi, I would love to share with my friends your summer tips and advice for protecting our pets from the heat and sun. Could you please post and I'll pass it on?”  - TWW

 “Just wanted to let you know... I genuinely have never met a vet that I've visited more than once with my dogs. Either too expense, rude, or just trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. When I met Dr. Wolff and saw the way he treated my pet and how he authentically wanted to help me, I was so happy to finally find a vet I know I will be using from now on. The staff was extremely helpful, and he even got my shy dog Max to give him a kiss before we left! Thank you! :) B.D.

L P wrote: "Glad to hear prices aren't going to be raised with food, gas, etc. all going up. I have to bring Mikey in for Rabies shot and I think Sabrina might have some kind of skin allergy. I will call soon for an appt."

“[My cat] Sabrina's favorite spot. She'll be in 4 August 12th!”

NJM commented on Palm City Animal Clinic's new building construction:

"Wow, it's going to be beautiful! =)"

“The BEST at what they do! They have taken very good care of my dogs...and now my latest doggy...Ginger as we found out today she has heartworm. Under the care of Dr Wolff...I have No worries!” - SVS

"Thank you all for taking good care of Kira...she's my sweetie!" - LTJ